Principal Investigators



Nevan Krogan, UCSF, Gladstone Institutes

PI and Director

Vif and Tat Projects, Functional Proteomics and Integrative Modeling Cores


Yifan Cheng, UCSF

Electron Microscopy Core


Charles Craik, UCSF

Vif Project, Antibody Technology Core


Jennifer Doudna, UC Berkeley

Rev Project, CRISPR Core



Alan Frankel, UCSF

Tat and Rev Projects


John D. Gross, UCSF

Vif Projects, X-ray Structure Core

James Hurley, UC Berkeley

Nef Project


Alex Marson, UCSF




Andrej Sali, UCSF

Integrative Modeling Core


Robert M. Stroud, UCSF

Vpu Project, X-ray & Membrane Expression Cores