HARC Resources

Data generated by HARC projects are submitted to public databanks and other resources/reagents are available upon request.  In addition, several software packages/websites are also available.

HARC-Generated Software/Websites:



BioNeNa Bionetwork Navigator http://bionena.org

IMP (Integrative Modeling Program) files are available at http://integrativemodeling.org

GPS-Prot: Data Visualization for Human and HIV Interactions(www.gpsprot.org

GPU-Enabled FREALIGN for EM (Contact: Yifan Cheng)

MotionCorr2 Software (2017) for EM  (Download) (Contact: Yifan Cheng)

Motion correction for dose fractionation software for EM (Download) (Contact: Yifan Cheng)

MutInf (Contact: Matt Jacobson)



For information about antibody reagents generated by Core 4, please contact Charles Craik