HARC Resources


Data generated by HARC projects are submitted to public databanks and other resources/reagents are available upon request.  In addition, several software packages/websites are also available.

HARC-Generated Software/Websites:


BioNeNa Bionetwork Navigator http://bionena.org

IMP (Integrative Modeling Program) files are available at http://integrativemodeling.org

GPS-Prot: Data Visualization for Human and HIV Interactions(www.gpsprot.org) (Contact: Melanie Bennett Brewer)

GPU-Enabled FREALIGN for EM (Contact: Yifan Cheng)

MotionCorr2 Software (2017) for EM  (Download) (Contact: Yifan Cheng)

Motion correction for dose fractionation software for EM (Download) (Contact: Yifan Cheng)

MutInf (Contact: Matt Jacobson)



For information about antibody reagents generated by Core 4, please contact Charles Craik

For information about other Center resources or reagents, please send your inquiry to Melanie Bennett Brewer