X-ray Structure Core


Core co-Leaders: Robert Stroud & John Gross

Technological advances in crystal screening, data collection and rapid structure determination at ALS beamlines 8.3.1 and 12.3.1 have been the key to most of the structures of HIV-related protein complexes determined by the HARC Center. In addition, access to robotic crystallization and crystal screening is an essential function needed by projects that aim to crystallize HIV-host protein complexes. The X-ray structure core provides these essential capabilities to the HARC Center, through the provision of (1) instrumentation, (2) state-of-the art software, (3) technical expertise and (4) training for new or non-expert users. Specifically, the core will provide access to: crystal growth using robotics for high-throughput and remote optical screening, and rapid X-ray diffraction, data reduction and structure determination.