Membrane Protein Expression Core


Core Leader: Robert Stroud

Integral membrane proteins control life at the interfaces between cells and their exterior, between cytoplasm and Golgi, or cytoplasm and endoplasmic reticulum. HIV viral entry involves interaction between proteins at these interfaces. However, the challenges of suitable expression, purification and crystallization have hampered structural efforts on such systems, both in general and in the HIV field. However, in this area Stroud has been a leader. This core will express, purify, and deliver protocols for  intra-membrane proteins to HARC Center Projects and Cores. Specifically, the Core will speed progress on all Projects or Cores involving membrane proteins by: optimizing membrane protein expression constructs, providing high-throughput expression, purification, detergent optimization for soluble membrane protein complexes, and defining high stability conditions for membrane proteins using high-throughput thermostability screens.